Gold Teeth

Gold Teeth Grillz  – made of gold

Got the mouth bling going on with some Gold Teeth Grillz, Fronts or Caps.  Get props now by add your teeth grill pics to   The webs only rating site for teeth Grills, view a growing number of picture and photos from many different hoods and urban cities.  For those of you that don’t know what grills are they are the solution to pimping your teeth or smile.  You may go out searching for hip hop jewelry and get and iced out watch, diamond earrings, icedout crosses or get the Gold Grillz.

Grillz are where it’s at for mouth jewelry.  Gold teeth have been around for years and years and now finally the hip hip scene has created another trend called “Grills” there hitting every town and hood by storm, its truly an epidemic, just like in the Nelly song “Grillz” featuring Paul Wall, Ali and Gipp.  There are basically two kinds of grills permanent and removable snap on gold teeth.  The permanent ones usually cost more because the dentist has to place the gold crowns or caps for you and bond them to your teeth. There is also a difference between dental gold and jewelry gold, that is something you should consider before buying your own grill.  Although many people buy grills online through mail order and different crafters of gold teeth grills, it is wise to get advice from a dentist first.

If you already have gold grills and want to get some ratings, submit your grill pics for free and get props.  If you just want ot be entertained that’s fine too, there are new grills being added everyday so check back often to see who’s in the top 10 and what hood has the best rated gold teeth grills.

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